Metro Graffiti (2010)


Metro Graffiti was written in collaboration with the Contemporary Dance Program for the Hammer & Nail project at Indiana University.


My choreographer, Courtney Ramm, began with the idea of hectic city life.  I imagined a scene of the metro subway in the morning where people are walking quickly to and from the subway station.  Some are making their way to office buildings, some stopping to grab coffee, some talking on the phone, and some listening to music on their mp3 players.  Whatever they are doing, they either look busy or stressed out.  Their routine will be the same tomorrow.

At certain subway stations, one can see graffiti that has been created by anonymous artists.  While graffiti has in the past been associated with vandalism, it is increasingly appreciated as a form of art that enlivens the city through its vivid color and dynamic shapes.

In my music, I wanted to use fast rhythmic figurations to propel the piece.  The repeated figurations in the saxophone and trumpet are meant to evoke the idea of routine in the opening and final sections.  Part of the middle section recalls the image of a lone musician performing at subway stations.  Once people get out from the subway station, the bustling noise of the city fills their ears again.


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