When sea anemones dream (2019)

When sea anemones dream is an environmental piece dealing with marine pollution.  The work describes the perspective of sea anemones on man-made pollution - their emotions, feelings, and reactions.  The piece also explores the boundary between reality and dreams in one of the sound layers, represented by the sounds of everyday objects and their manipulated and distorted sounds.  As the mixture of two different sound-realms creates mixed emotions, it produces an ambiguity in the listener who wonders what reality or dream states might be for the sea anemones.  If the clean water is the reality and the polluted environment is just a nightmare for the sea anemones, or if the non-polluted water is a dream they can no longer have in their reality.  


The piece is written for stereo fixed media and may be improvised with various amplified found objects selected by performers to evoke ‘man-made pollution’.  The improvisation can also occur as part of a theatrical performance.  Examples of found objects may include:


PET bottles filled with black colored water/oil and water (blow bubbles in water with straw)

Plastic bags

Metal bottles and cans (painting, soup, and other types)

Metal keys

Glass bottles

Big plastic containers

Any other found objects that can evoke chemicals, industrial, agricultural, and residential waste


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